When I was in high school, there was a fashion trend.

    It was called the ’90s, and it was about having fun with the 90’s.

    I would go to parties with friends, dress up as 90s pop stars and pop culture icons and dance to some 90s music, like Lady Gaga, or Snoop Dogg, or all the kids at the party would say, “Whoa, that was cool.”

    And I was like, “Oh my God, that’s what we’re supposed to do at the parties?”

    It was cool, and we were having fun.

    I loved it.

    It wasn’t something I was supposed to wear.

    I went to college, and I was an artist, so I did art school and art school art, and art was my calling.

    And I thought, “I can make something cool.”

    And I had to learn how to do this thing called “digital fabrication.”

    You’re supposed do this, and then you have to make something that can’t be replicated.

    It took a long time.

    It started with this really cool idea, which was, “How do I make something from a single piece of cardboard, and have it look like something that’s going to be sold to millions of people?”

    And I started making stuff like that.

    I started selling things that looked like this, like, a lot of things I made, and they were really cool.

    I think that was really the beginning of what was really cool about the 90th century.

    But what was cool was that, after a while, I found out, “Wow, there’s a whole community of people that are doing this.”

    And they would do this in person, and there was this whole community, and a lot were doing this.

    And people were just starting to understand, “This is not just an art thing.”

    It was really interesting, because a lot people that I met, like my dad and my brothers, they were just like, I don’t know, they didn’t know what to do with it.

    And they were like, it’s cool, I’m going to get into it.

    They’d go to a local record store, and like buy a copy of a 90s band.

    I remember a time when I was doing this, I was working at this record store and I had a bunch of vinyls and I’m like, wow, I want to sell these vinyls.

    I’m gonna make my own, and people were like “You’re making money!”

    And I’m thinking, “What are you selling these for?”

    And my dad was like “No, I can’t sell these for you.”

    So I started thinking, what if I could sell them to people?

    And I made a ton of them.

    And it was kind of amazing.

    I sold them all, and when I went to school, they’re still sitting in the classroom, and no one knows they were made.

    So I got a lot more people interested.

    People used to just buy vinyls from record stores, and now they’ll go to the record store.

    And the vinyls are still there, and nobody’s ever heard of them, so it’s kind of cool.

    And then I started doing my own thing with this whole thing.

    I was designing clothes for kids and it really started to spread.

    I started selling it online, and some people like it.

    I went through a period of being like, this is really cool, this was cool.

    And then I went into my studio and did this new music video for this, “Flaming.”

    I’m not gonna give you a trailer, but I’ll give you this idea of what the video is about.

    It’s like a music video, but it’s not really a music, and instead it’s just a 90’s pop song, but with a 90 s vibe.

    And that was the beginning.

    The 80s style started to get taken over, and the 90 s style started getting taken over.

    So, it started with these big pop stars, like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, and that’s kind, the beginning, when the 90 S style became the standard.

    It started with the Beatles, and Brits, Madonna, and Elvis Presley.

    I don`t think I even heard of the 90S before that.

    They were the most iconic pop stars of the time.

    So that was sort of a new beginning.

    And we all knew what we wanted to do, but we weren’t sure how to actually do it.

    So we got into this 90s thing, and this really took off.

    I mean, it was the 90 years that changed everything.

    I really love that.


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