The Nikes Baby Boy clothing sale is now over, with Nike falling to a loss of €5.8 million.

    The company’s stock was trading down 5.4% at €38.99 at midday on Friday.

    Nike was also down 0.3% at the time of writing, trading at €2.76.

    Its parent company, the German-based Adidas, is a major seller of clothing and footwear.

    Nikes shares have fallen from their peak in August 2015, when they were up by about 80% and are currently trading at around €43.

    But the stock has fallen in value in the past few weeks.

    Shares in Nike’s parent company fell by almost €2 billion during the same period.

    In September last year, the company was up by €6.6 billion and is currently trading in the range of €45 to €49 a share.


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