Cheddar has just announced that its new line is going to be available in three styles: kente, khaki, and slate.

    This comes after several other products have made the transition to kente and khaki cloth.

    The kente line is expected to launch in early 2018.

    The slate line will be available to shoppers in the spring.

    The khaki line is currently in the pipeline, but the slate line is also expected to be coming sometime this year.

    The slate line features a soft feel that’s great for kids, and will likely come in at $39.99.

    Cheddar also said that its khaki and slate line has been popular with families.

    The new line has an exclusive blend of khaki cotton and slate that looks like a pair of chinos, but is actually a pair “of kente shirts,” according to Cheddar.

    The slate cloth line will also be available for a limited time starting at $149.99 per month.

    This will be the first line of the brand to include khaki fabric, which is currently only available in the slate family of fabrics.


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