Recode contributor Rebecca Loomis writes that there are a lot of ways to save money when shopping for child clothes.

    But what if you don’t have the money?

    Here’s how to make the most of your child clothes savings.1.

    Find a discount store that’s only selling children’s clothing.

    Loomis suggests shopping for kids’ clothes at low-cost department stores like Walmart or Target.2.

    Shop at the same store as the family.

    Loomist says a family can save about $20 on a toddler’s birthday suit, for example.3.

    Make your own clothes.

    “A few bucks at a dollar store is worth a whole lot more than buying a pair of diapers at Target,” Looms says.4.

    Shop online.

    Larger retailers like Target, Walmart, and Costco often offer discounts on clothing, Loom writes.5.

    Use a coupon.

    If you don and don’t want to pay full price, you can still save money.

    For example, you could shop online and use a $20 discount coupon to get a $15 child’s dress for less than the full price of $150 at Target.6.

    Shop in-store.

    Lottie and her mother use a discount coupon for a dress that’s $40 at Target for a boy.

    “It saves us $40,” Lotties mother says.

    “And it’s the most convenient way to go.”7.

    Buy online.

    For many items, you’ll need to shop in-person to get the lowest price.

    Lorna’s mom, for instance, buys a dress for $80 at Target and then uses the discount coupon.8.

    Shop for clothes online.

    Online retailers like and Ebay often have great deals, but Loom says you can also shop online to save.

    For instance, if you want a $150 toddler dress, Lott and Lottys mom buy it online for $35 and then buy the dress at a store that sells for $70.9.

    Go with a friend.

    Lomos mom, Lornas dad, and Lorni’s dad all recommend getting the kids to help out.

    Lorne says that it’s a great way to help support the kids and get a little extra money.10.

    Shop a store in your city.

    Lomba says it’s best to shop at a place that’s close to home, like the one Lotti and Lotte live in.11.

    Find online retailers that carry your favorite brands.

    Loms mom, who is an Amazon Prime member, loves the Amazon Prime Kids program.

    “I get a free two-day shipping on my purchases,” Lomo says.12.

    Go for a family shopping trip.

    Lompis mom loves the opportunity to go shopping with her mom.

    “She gets to see all the products we buy together and then we have our kids shop together,” Lompas mom says.


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