Macy’s has a new line of baseball shirts in its store, and it’s cute, too.

    The company is making 100% women’s baby and baby clothes, including a shirt called “The Little Babe,” which is designed for little girls and girls ages 4-8.

    The baby-friendly fabric has a cotton knit top and a full length “babe” neckline.

    Macy’s also has a baseball hat, which has a soft knit cap and an open neckband.

    Check out the photo above to see how the shirt looks on a little girl.

    The shirts are made in a variety of colors, but this is the most popular shade of white, which is a cool contrast to the other options.

    Macy and Macy’s have a ton of baby and maternity items in stock, and they are selling the shirts online.

    This is just the first in a few more styles of women’s baseball shirts that the retailer will be making in the coming months.

    Macy will have to keep an eye on its stock, though, because there are a lot of baby-and-baby items available online for this holiday season.


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