Fitness craves for clothing can finally come to an end, but for many Canadians, it may not be a quick fix.

    With no time to prepare, most people will probably just go for a gym-type outfit.

    But for those looking to improve their fitness and health, there are now plenty of fitness-inspired gym clothing options available, as well as some good-looking, well-made options for the more discerning consumers.

    Here are five of our favourites.1.


    The GoodLife Fitness gym clothes.


    The Glam Fitness gym clothing.


    The Fitbit Fitness gym attire.


    Fitbit Fitbuds gym apparel.


    The Body Shop fitness gear.1) The Goodlife Fitness gym-style clothingThe GoodLife fitness clothing line is popular because it offers a range of high-quality gym gear for a fraction of the cost of comparable gym apparel from competitors.

    With its stylish gym attire and supportive design, the GoodLife gym clothing has a lot of appeal for athletes looking to keep their bodies lean and toned.

    The fitness apparel is made of a mix of synthetic and natural fabrics.

    This makes it comfortable to wear, and it offers good ventilation.

    The gym clothing is a mix between a sports bra and tank top, which is an excellent choice for a fitness outfit.

    The shirt is a lightweight jersey shirt with a cinch-on neck, and the pants are lightweight denim pants with a mesh material on the legs.

    The jeans can also be modified for a casual look.2) The Gham Fitness gym apparelThe Gham fitness apparel line is a great way to incorporate a fitness activity into your everyday wardrobe.

    This line is made up of a range, from workout pants to fitness socks.

    Each of the workout apparel styles features an array of materials, from cotton and polyester to nylon and rayon.

    This gives the fitness apparel the versatility to be worn outdoors as well.

    Each workout apparel item has a removable band, which means you can wear them in a variety of ways, such as while walking or jogging.

    For a variety that can be worn under clothing or as a workout attire, there is a variety on offer for the Gham brand.3) The Fitbits Fitness gymwearThe Fitbits fitness apparel brand offers an array to choose from.

    The Fitness Fitbud line is the most popular of the fitness-oriented fitness apparel brands, and comes with a range to choose and style from.

    With an emphasis on high-end designs, the fitness fitness apparel also offers a variety to choose.

    This includes a range in yoga pants and shorts, as a gym wear option for people looking to make a statement.

    The band that comes with the fitness band also features an elastic that can stretch for extra coverage.

    This is great for those who want to keep it comfortable and can be tucked in or taken off.

    The pants also come with a pullover style to make them a little more versatile.4) The BodyShop fitness gearThe BodyShop has an extensive range of fitness gear and accessories, and offers some of the most fashionable gym clothing available.

    This fitness apparel includes a variety in workout shorts and a range that is suitable for casual wear.

    The shorts and pants are both breathable and stretchy, which gives the BodyShop range a great look.

    The top is a long-sleeved knit, which can be used for work or sport.

    The waistband is also adjustable, and can even be worn with jeans or a tank.5) The Fitness Gear storeThis Fitness Gear outlet is one of the oldest fitness retailers in Canada.

    It has a range made up entirely of fitness equipment and accessories.

    The company also offers workout clothing, which includes a mix that includes athletic wear, such a tank top and shorts.

    The workout apparel options include a variety, from yoga pants to a range consisting of sweat pants and a variety shorts and tank tops.

    This range also comes with an elastic waistband.

    The main draw of the Fitness Gear range is that it is a good choice for people who are looking to incorporate fitness into their everyday wardrobe, and who want a lot more than just a pair of yoga pants.


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