We all know that Instagram is all about fashion, so what brands are trending right now? 

    There’s tons of brands that are making a splash on the social media platform. 

    While the top trending brands are probably ones that are getting a lot of attention right now, there are some brands that aren’t exactly making the headlines right now. 

    For example, Dylan Farrow is definitely not a household name, but he has millions of followers on Instagram. 

    He is currently trending in the top 10 brands on Instagram, but his brand is not on the list of the top 20 brands on the site. 

    What’s more, he is trending in the top 10 most popular brands in Instagram.

    Farrow is not the only fashion icon who has an Instagram following, but the trend in Instagram is definitely catching on. 

    We recently spoke to the founder of Konstantin Bortos, to find out how fashion is evolving on Instagram and what he’s seeing as he continues to make a name for himself. 

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