We’ve all seen the video of a party where everyone starts laughing and going “Wow, that’s pretty crazy!”

    But what if they all started laughing and go “Wow?

    What if they went into a trance and started dancing and sang songs by the Beach Boys and then all of a sudden someone went into the bathroom and took their clothes off and started masturbating?”

    It’s a classic example of “you’re not really going to do that, because that’s too weird for a party”.

    So if you’re going to a music festival, or a film festival, there are many other ways to relax.

    And there are even some great parties that you can go to with friends. Read more.


    When is the next clothes sale?

    The clothes sale is now underway!The big event, with over 50 vendors, is taking place on Sunday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. in New York City.The sale is open to the public.It is free to attend, but registration and payment is required.This year, the number…