This year’s edition of Wired’s popular Color of the Year, and it’s a little bit of everything.

    From pink to purple, red to yellow, and even green.

    This is a color category where the pink is the hottest, and there’s not a whole lot to choose from.

    Pink and yellow are both gorgeous, and the rainbow has some pretty great looks to go with it.

    What’s your favorite, and why is it your favorite?

    The color pink is often associated with innocence and innocence.

    It’s just a beautiful color.

    It comes in a range of colors, from the bright pink of a summer sunset, to the muted pink of an autumn night, to a vivid purple.

    It has a warm, pinky feel to it, and is just perfect for fall.

    It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything too heavy.

    The colors of this color family are so versatile and they really bring out the best in people.

    I love pink because it reminds me of the time I was little, when I’d play with a pink doll or dress.

    That’s when I was just learning to talk, so I really wanted to express myself.

    I really like purple, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful colors.

    It reminds me so much of my childhood, and when I went to college, my mom used to buy me purple dress shirts and jeans whenever I wore them.

    I was really into purple for a long time, and my dad would wear purple pants or shorts every day.

    I always thought that’s what I should wear, and as a child, it was just something that I always had on.

    I really enjoy wearing purple, but it’s really hard to find a perfect color for it.

    Pink, blue, and orange are also lovely.

    You can wear any color of the rainbow, so that’s great for everyone.

    It brings out the individuality of anyone who wears it.

    Orange is really versatile.

    It can be used in everything from dresses and skirts to shorts and pants.

    Blue is a little more complicated.

    Some people like blue because it looks a little like red.

    But blue is really cool.

    It adds depth to the color palette, and has some lovely hues.

    I have a soft spot for blue because of how much it reminds of my mom.

    The more I see it in movies, the more I think of my dad.

    I love purple.

    When I was growing up, purple was really my color of choice.

    When we moved to Los Angeles, my sister and I were always in the purple, pink, and blue, so purple really stood out.

    I think my mom always loved purple.

    She would take me to see shows at the Hollywood Palladium and my sister always took me to the purple movies.

    My sister used to tell me that I should get purple clothes.

    Purple is always a fun color to wear, especially when it’s warm.

    I like pink a lot because I feel like it’s very simple and warm.

    When you wear pink, it really gives a feminine vibe.

    It makes you feel like a princess.

    Purple has a soft and warm feel to its palette.

    It feels like it doesn’t need any kind of color.

    I also love yellow.

    It is very warm, but at the same time, I feel so much more feminine wearing it.

    I wear yellow because I think everyone should have a little yellow in their life.

    I’m definitely in the pink crowd.

    I’m a little green, but I like it a lot.

    I’ve always liked pink, but not for much longer.

    It was really cool when I got into fashion, and now it’s just so ingrained into my life.

    It always felt like it was a very feminine color to me, but as a kid, I always wore red and purple.

    I had a really sweet family that was always wearing purple and pink, so the only way to find something that fit was to wear pink.

    It just felt so right.

    I don’t know if I can wear pink anymore, because I’ve really lost interest in wearing pink, like so much.

    But it’s definitely my favorite color.

    Pink is very versatile.

    I can go from the pink of my summer clothes to the pink I wear in the fall.

    When my friends go out to the beach, I’ll wear pink and I’ll go pink.

    I’ll take a pink blouse and a pink shirt.

    When people come over for dinner, I can put on pink and orange and just wear pink forever.

    I was always a little purple.

    My family loved purple, so it was always on my radar.

    But now, I’m not really a purple person anymore.

    I just wear blue.

    I know that some people like it and some people don’t.

    But I really love purple, because it’s not just for people who love it.

    It really brings out a person’s personality.

    It looks like you are trying to express yourself and be yourself.

    If you love purple as much as I do


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