A toddler’s best friends are often the things she’s most proud of, according to a new book, which describes how a toddler can create a new wardrobe for herself using simple and straightforward patterns.

    The book, ‘Ikea Kids: The Secret to Making Everything You Own’, is based on interviews with more than 500 children aged between four and nine.

    “It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the things they like to do,” says Emma Mazzola, who founded Ikea Kids in 2016 with her daughter, Aimee.

    “What they’re really proud of is their clothes, not their shoes or the toys they like.

    They’re just very imaginative and creative and really want to change things around.”

    The book follows the adventures of the children from four to nine, and features interviews with parents, children and their parents.

    The children in the book live in a world of fashion.

    They use Ikea’s own designs, which are created using the children’s imagination, and make new ones based on patterns created by Mazzella.

    “We were able to build a wardrobe for all the children,” says Mazzelli.

    “We had all the pieces from Ikea.

    We didn’t buy them.

    We built our own wardrobe.””

    It took them a while to get it together, but once they were in the clothes room, they were really proud to be able to show off their work and be proud of their work,” she adds.”

    I was very happy with how it turned out, and I really think it’s the best wardrobe I’ve ever built.”

    The children live in an Ikea home in the UK, and spend their time knitting, sewing and designing.

    “The kids have this huge love for knitting, and they’re very skilled,” says Emily Mazzello, the author of the book.

    “They’re always creating things to wear.

    There’s a lot of crafty stuff going on.””

    Ikeas’ clothing is made using a simple and simple pattern and it is designed to look very different when you wear it,” she says.

    The books design features a range of children’s clothes and accessories, from baby clothes to a baby blanket.

    “If you’ve ever wondered how to make a baby’s bed and had to design it yourself, I hope you’ll love this book,” says author Emily Mazza.

    “You’ll find all the information you need in this book, and you’ll be able, in a couple of minutes, to make something for your child.”

    Aimee Mazzolas book ‘Ikas Kids: Secrets to Making Every Item You Own’ was published by Al Jazeera and is available on Amazon.com.


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