New York’s City Hall has fired a yoga instructor after he posted a lewd photo of himself on Facebook.

    Yoshihiro Nakamoto, 44, posted a photo of his legs wrapped around a girl’s neck and posted the photo to Facebook, according to the Daily News.

    He apologized for the photo on Monday and deleted the post, saying, “My actions are not what you want to see.”

    “As a teacher of a different discipline I do not believe it is appropriate to post a picture of myself on Facebook,” Nakamoto wrote in an email.

    He said he was fired Monday afternoon for “violating our company’s code of conduct, policies and procedures.”

    He said the photo “shows a lack of respect for women.”

    Nakamoto did not immediately respond to messages left by The Associated Press seeking comment.

    In an interview with NBC New York on Tuesday, the woman in the photo said she was wearing yoga pants, but the video does not show pants.

    Nakomoto, a native of Japan who was born in Hawaii, has taught yoga in New York for more than 25 years.

    He told the station that the photo was taken about four years ago and he was in a “hot mood” when he was taken.


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