Clothing retailer Champion has a good reason for making clothes available for free on its website: It can.

    In an effort to boost its business in the United States, the retailer said Tuesday that it is introducing free clothing in the country, along with a free hamper to shop for other items, to help boost its sales.

    The free clothing, which will be available from June 1 through July 7, will include everything from skirts and tops to dresses, shirts and pants.

    Champion will also offer free clothing at select online stores, and it said it will make its merchandise available for pre-order through retailers that allow pre-orders through their websites.

    “We believe that this move will increase demand for our clothing and make the online clothing marketplace more attractive to customers,” said spokesman Kevin Davenport in a statement.

    “It is also a great way for customers to learn about our clothing.”

    Clothing retailer Champion said it’s offering free clothing to promote its free online clothing program.

    (CBC)The move comes as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union, a decision that will likely mean a reduction in free trade between the two countries. 

    Clothing retailers are often criticized for charging exorbitant prices for items.

    Champion is the latest to offer free merchandise in the U.S., where it has a huge store presence, with about 10,000 stores.

    In recent years, Champion has expanded its online business to include free merchandise for women’s and children’s apparel and a women’s clothing line, and a children’s clothing brand called K-Town.

    In 2016, it launched a new clothing line called Champion in partnership with online retailers like H&M and Gucci.

    The U.K. government announced in February that it would leave the EU.

    Champion has said it is currently considering an exit from the bloc, and has been selling clothes in Europe and the United State since last summer.

    Champion said Tuesday it plans to open more stores in the European market in the coming years.


    How to open up a clothing store

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