Exclusive: What you need to know about these high-end Nike AirMax 1s, the brand’s latest foray into sneakers.

    Read more about the brand:The pair of Air Max1s has been available for sale since March 2018, and was recently listed for a high price.

    The pair is currently worth around $3.25, and is available in a range of colours and sizes.

    The pair is available to buy in pairs or a trio, with a total price tag of $3.,500 on eBay.

    It is the latest shoe from Nike that has hit the market, following on from the $5,000 pair that debuted in June.

    The brand has launched a range for women in the past, including the Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Air M1s, but the Air Max series has been an increasingly popular model for women to wear.

    It was introduced as part of the Nike+ brand partnership in 2019, and it was the first shoe to launch exclusively in the US, and has since been launched in other countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    The shoes were introduced by Nike in 2019 with the intention of selling them through the Nike Retail Partner Program.

    The shoes are available to purchase on eBay for a price of $2.99, with the average sale price being $2,599.


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