4 tips for making your girl’s clothes more interesting, including choosing an outfit that’s a bit off, a lot of colour and lots of sparkle.

    The Verge’s new girl fashion tips guide is designed to help you create the kind of clothes you want to wear to the office, a place you want your daughter to play, and a place where you want her to hang out.

    Here’s what you need to know about this week’s top girl clothes and accessories.1.

    Pick an outfit with sparkleThe perfect outfit is meant to sparkle with colour, but can also look a little off if you’re not in the mood for a more laid-back vibe.

    To make the perfect outfit, try to avoid colours that look too similar.

    So for example, if you like a more subdued outfit, opt for a navy blue, white or grey.2.

    Make sure you have some sparkle in your wardrobeThe more sparkle you can create in your outfit, the more appealing it is for your daughter.

    Look for colours that compliment your personality and style, like bold colour combinations or neutral shades.

    If you’re dressing up as a girly character, it’s also a good idea to get a sparkle to go with the outfit.


    Choose an outfit for a certain age groupThe first step in making your outfit more appealing to your daughter is to choose an outfit to suit her.

    It might be easier to dress her up as an older girl if you can afford a dress to match, and if you want more girly options in your daughter’s outfits.4.

    Pick your favourite colour combinationThis is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your daughter, especially if you don’t have a lot to choose from.

    Make a playlist and check out some of your favourite girly colours to help sparkle your outfit.

    You can also choose from a variety of girly outfits to match your favourite girl, so you can choose the one that suits your daughter the most.

    For example, a pink, blue or grey dress with sparkles could look great for a toddler who likes girly things.

    Or, a light blue dress with a pink heart pattern could be a great choice for a girl who likes the more girlish look.

    If you want a more girmy-looking outfit, you can always use the sparkle effect in your own outfit, too.

    Try wearing the sparkles of a floral pattern dress with glittery sparkles or a glittery floral pattern blouse with a heart pattern.

    You don’t need to have an exact wardrobe to create your daughter a girlish-looking look, but make sure you can get creative with the sparkly colours you use.5.

    Use a girlier dress for more girlinessYou don,ll need to be a total pin-up queen to wear a dress with some girly flair.

    Try different patterns to find the perfect fit for your own style.

    If the dress looks too girly for your taste, go for a bright and colourful dress with more sparkles.

    If your daughter likes girlish things, try a more feminine dress, like a dress that’s less fitted and fitted at the neck.

    A more fitted dress with less sparkles is also a great option for a little girl.6.

    Choose the right colour to go on top of your outfitThe next step in your girly-looking wardrobe is to decide which colours are best to add to the outfit you’re currently wearing.

    For example, you could try a bright, vibrant purple or bright pink to add a little sparkle and contrast with your other colour choices.

    If your outfit is too girlish, try using a more subtle colour to match.

    You could also add sparkles to your outfit with a sparkly colour, like the bright pink you can see in the picture below.7.

    Choose a colour combination for a specific occasionIt’s never too early to start creating a girling outfit for your girl.

    If her birthday is coming up, make sure to choose a cute dress with plenty of sparkles, like this one.

    If she’s going to a special party or a birthday party, try matching her dress with bright sparkles like this dress.

    This dress is also perfect for a party or birthday party because it’s bright, colourful and sparkly.8.

    Make an outfit inspired by your daughterYou could add sparkle by wearing bright colours or patterns, like these girly polka dot dresses.

    Try a bright pink or purple as a highlight colour, or try a lighter pink for a subtle colour change.

    If she likes girlier clothes, you might want to try using sparkles on her hair.9.

    Make your daughter wear a girliest outfitYou can always make an outfit from scratch.

    If something is off-putting in your girl clothing, try adding sparkles in a few of your favourites colours, like here.

    If it looks too feminine, try wearing sparkles for a bit of colour contrast.

    You could also try a light grey or


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