Posted October 05, 2018 11:16:10 A new study shows that kids love wearing clothes with cute little hearts, and the findings may be useful in designing clothes for the next generation.

    Little Girl’s Fashion magazine has a special edition for the new-borns, and this year they were able to find a limited edition dress with the phrase “Happy Little Girl” printed on it.

    The dress has the word “Happy” embroidered on the back and a heart in the back, and there are two pictures of the little girl in the picture.

    The little girl has been wearing the dress for a week and it has been perfect for her.

    “She’s been very comfortable with it,” said the editor of Little Girl.

    “The fabric feels nice on her skin.

    “She loves it, and it feels good,” said a second editor. “

    I think she really likes it.”

    “She loves it, and it feels good,” said a second editor.

    Little girl clothes are often a trend for Christmas, but the results may be even more striking for the second year in a row.

    “It’s quite unusual for the little girls’ clothes to get that much attention,” said Anna-Maria Ruggiero, a marketing consultant at Little Girl, which has a new edition of the fashion magazine out next week.

    “But it’s really good news because this is what they love.”

    The magazine has not been able to confirm if the dress has been made to order, but Ruggierso said that the company is working on a fashion label for the dress.

    She also said the dress is an essential part of the Little Girl collection, as it has helped her keep track of all the dresses she has.

    “We can’t keep track, because she doesn’t wear her clothes,” Ruggies said.

    “This is an important part of her wardrobe.”

    Ruggieri said Little Girl is hoping to get a limited supply of the dress next year.

    “As soon as we can we’ll be able to give it away for free,” she said.

    Ruggires dresses have become a big hit with Little Girl readers.

    “People love it because they know that it’s made to the best standards and it’s not cheap,” she told the ABC.

    “They like the idea of a little girl’s fashion.”

    The Little Girl website has also been updated with new pictures and information about the dress and the latest fashion trends.

    “So this dress will be an essential piece for Little Girl to wear for the rest of her life,” Rugies said, adding that the outfit has already been worn by a baby, and she is excited about the new season.

    “My baby loves it.

    She’s like a little princess, she loves it.”

    Ruckies hopes the Little Girls dress will continue to be a popular item for children, and to encourage people to buy more Little Girl clothes.

    Little Girls magazine also has a separate website for babies.

    “Babies really like it because it’s a very easy way to show their love for their mum,” she explained.

    “A lot of people have a hard time putting a dress on a baby’s head, and that’s why they love it.”


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