The search engine giant says that it’s made a number of changes to its search tool, including giving users more choice when searching for items and removing the need to create a new search result.

    Google has added the option to search for an item by the item’s description, which has been a staple of the company’s search results since the start of the app’s existence.

    Google now includes the option of finding items using the item category of the item, or the item in its top 100 list, in addition to a variety of other search results.

    Now, you can get a quick idea of what the item looks like by entering the word “dress” into Google’s search bar.

    The search result page now shows a list of the top 50 most searched items in the US and Canada, as well as the top 10 most searched US and Canadian brands.

    This was done to help consumers quickly identify and browse through items that might be suitable for them.

    Search results also now include links to related news stories from the US, Canada and UK.

    As previously mentioned, the new search tool has been rolled out to all users.

    But it’s still a little bit confusing when searching online for your ideal dress.

    There’s a lot of options to choose from.

    While Google now lists the item you want to search on the item pages of the site, it doesn’t list the category or item description that it uses to determine which search results are best for you.

    This is confusing, and is probably the reason why many people struggle to find the dress they’re looking for online.

    To help users find the perfect dress, Google has been adding some new options to the search tool.

    When you’re searching for an image or video of the dress you’re looking to buy, you’ll now see the name of the person or brand featured in the image or the product description on the search result pages.

    Google also has added an option to filter for products in a specific color and size, which makes it easier to quickly find items in a wide range of shades.

    And for brands, the search results now include a section where you can browse the best dress deals online.

    There are still some oddities with the search bar that still make it difficult to navigate, however.

    For instance, when you hover your cursor over a product in Google’s new search bar, you get a new list of product results that is very similar to the ones found on the Google Shopping app, including the option for the item to be discounted.

    Google says it’s working on a fix to improve the search interface, but for now, this is still a problem.

    We’ve reached out to Google for comment on the issue, and will update this article with any comment we receive.


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