In the past, girls were taught to dress up as superheroes, aliens and other popular figures in order to protect themselves.

    But now, with the rise of anime characters like Princess Bubblegum, Dragon Ball Super and other anime heroes, anime has given girls an opportunity to play out a different fantasy.

    The most popular anime costumes at the mall: The top 10 favorite anime characters to wear in real life: Princess Bubbleglum (2015) The newest princess, Princess Bubblegoat, is a favorite among girls in Japan and the United States.

    She is the granddaughter of Princess Bubble, and was adopted by a prince named Bubblegump, who wanted to become a superhero.

    Princess Bubble is a member of the magical team known as the “Pixie Gang,” a team consisting of the princesses Bubblegums, Bubble, Pippi and Pompompurum.

    In addition to being the granddaughter and heir of Princess Bubbles, Princess Pippi is the first princess ever to marry an anthropomorphic animal, a duck named Blinky.

    Blinky and Pippi are the first characters to have an animated film franchise.

    Princess Fluttershy is a princess from the popular TV series “The Powerpuff Girls,” who has been married to Prince Rainbow Dash for over two decades.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle, a pony princess who has an animated movie coming out next year, is also popular among Japanese fans, and has her own Disney series coming out later this year.

    Princess Luna, a princess who is also a member in the “Princess Luna” animated series, has become a favorite with fans in the U.S. She was the first Princess to appear in an anime film, and is also the first of her species to have a voice actor who is Japanese.

    A princess from another country who was not a princess is popular among American girls.

    In the U: The Princesses of the Crystal Empire (2015), Princess Cadance, a young princess who was a member from another planet, has a love interest named Celestia.

    The princesses of another planet named Princesses are also popular with Japanese fans.

    Princess Celestia, the first woman to appear on an animated TV show, has an anime-inspired character named Luna, who appears in the film.

    Princesses from other worlds also make appearances in the Disney animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

    Princesses like Starbuck from the series “Cinderella” and Belle from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” are popular with American girls, and are popular in the United Kingdom.

    The best way to find the perfect anime character costume for you: If you want to go all-out with anime and fantasy costumes, check out the websites of the official outfits of popular characters in the series, like the Princess Bubble Gum, the Princess Peach and the Princess Luna.

    If you’re in Japan, try to visit the official shops of the character.

    For more information on the Japanese pop culture phenomenon that is “anime,” see The Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters for Girls.


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