FourFour2 The Japanese retailer, FourFour Two, has officially announced that it will be shutting down its clothing and accessories store in Japan and opening its doors in the United States.

     According to FourFour, the store’s website was recently hacked and was recently taken down.

    The store was also taken offline because of a security breach.

    It will be closed for up to four weeks during the transition.

    FourFour Two will have its stores closed on January 11, 2020.

    There will also be a closure for up until January 14, 2020, as the stores stores are being taken offline.

    “We are extremely excited about the launch of our brand new store, which will be open to the public on January 15,” FourFour wrote in a statement.

    “We hope to be open again soon.”

    We also hope to see you at our stores and in our stores.

    See Through Clothing  was the last store in Tokyo, Japan to be shut down.

    The retailer closed all of its Japanese stores in August 2018.

    In August 2018, Four Four Two announced it was shutting down all of the Japanese stores and moving its operations to the United State.

    It also said that it was also shutting down the Japanese site in the U.S. in 2019.

    We will be opening our stores in Japan on January 14 and in the USA on January 21.

    Please be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more news and updates on the brand new retail concept.


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