“Walmart is a pioneer in the 90s style, but we’re going to need a lot more innovation,” said Steve Tufano, senior editor at Fashionista.

    “We need to have more clothing brands that have the same feel and the same sense of style.”

    The 90s fashion was a time when everyone wore something, Tufani said.

    “In my opinion, 90s clothes are not that cool anymore,” he said.

    “If you have to dress up and be cool, I think that’s a bad thing.”

    In the 80s, Wal-Mart started offering items with vintage styles, such as vintage tuxedos, but the store was not the fashion destination it is today.

    Tufanos said the 80-90s clothing trend was dead.

    “The 90’s is over,” he wrote in an email.

    “There’s no nostalgia for the 90’s anymore.”

    That trend also made Wal-Marts clothing more affordable and easy to wear, Tafano said.

    The store’s apparel and home decor brands have been a major source of revenue for the chain for decades.

    “We have a strong presence in the clothing and home furnishings industry,” a Wal-mart spokesperson said in a statement.

    Customers can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes and styles to make sure their home looks their best.”


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