Jill’s is one of India’s biggest and most popular fashion brands.

    The company’s portfolio includes clothing for women and men and its apparel ranges from a range of designer labels to a range the size of a football field.

    In addition to being one of the most sought after brands in India, Jill is also an influential brand in the US.

    In December last year, the company announced it was selling the company to LendLease.

    Lend Lease’s chief executive officer has previously stated that the company is not interested in continuing to operate Jill’s as a clothing brand.

    Lendinglease’s acquisition of Jill’s was announced in September last year.

    Jill’s had a net revenue of Rs 6,000 crore in 2017-18, which is a 32% jump from the year-ago financial year.

    The acquisition is part of a broader trend in India where brands like Jill’s are expanding their footprint and diversifying their portfolios.

    The new company, Lend lease, will become the second-largest fashion retailer in India after the brand is bought by JB Hi-Fi.

    It will also be one of Lendlease’s largest brands, with sales of $1 billion, and will also retain the Jill’s name.

    Jill is one the biggest female fashion brands in the world and has sold more than 150 million pairs of clothing globally.

    Its flagship brand, the Jill, is a line of lightweight, low-cost, comfortable and casual jeans.

    In 2017, Jill expanded into men’s and women’s footwear.

    In 2020, Jill also launched the Jill Boots, a line featuring its signature sandals, and a range for women.

    Jill Boots are designed for women to wear with the comfort of a pair of sneakers, while also maintaining their shape and comfort.

    In 2018, Jill launched its own line of men’s footwear, the J Jill, which sold out quickly.

    The brand was also acquired by US footwear retailer Uniqlo in March 2018.

    The sale of the Jill brand to Lendinglease is part the larger trend of the Indian fashion industry in which Indian brands are expanding into global markets.

    In India, the country is considered the largest fashion market and has more than 5,000 apparel brands.


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