Tiny house with 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a dining room, a living room, an office and an office suite. 

    The owner of the tiny home said the family could afford the price, but that they didn’t want to move in with them. 

    “I am going to do something for the rest of my life, but I can’t leave my tiny house with the housekeepers and the staff,” said the owner of a “tiny house” in Jerusalem. 

    A group of men in their early 20s, who had been living in a house near the Old City since October, moved in with the family in September. 

    They are currently waiting for a permit to live there, which is still in process. 

    For now, the tiny house, which was built in 2002, consists of a three-bedroom home with 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and is owned by the owner. 

    One of the men, who asked to remain anonymous, said they were planning to move into a house in the neighborhood and then to a “big house” that would have two bathrooms and two kitchens. 

    There are no permits for construction in the city, and there are no plans to open the building up. 

    This is the latest in a series of moves by Palestinians to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where the Jewish state has built settlements in the Westbank and East al-Quds. 

    Israeli authorities have said that Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank are not allowed to be in their area and are subject to restrictions, while Israeli officials say the West bank is not under their jurisdiction. 

    In the past two weeks, several Palestinians have been arrested in the Old Quarter of Jerusalem and West Bank for the possession of goods that are not legal in the Palestinian territories. 

    Two men were arrested in Jerusalem on Saturday, the fourth person to be arrested for allegedly selling goods from the Old Port of Tel Aviv to Israelis in recent months. 

    Another Palestinian was arrested in Gaza City on Sunday for allegedly using the Israeli flag in a photo with a poster of a Palestinian soldier, the military wing of the militant Islamic militant group Hamas.


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