When I was a kid, I was the kind of kid who loved to decorate my room with the kinds of things my mom would make, and I loved the fun of shopping at a store like Target.

    It was a great time to be a kid.

    But the moment I realized my life was completely different, my parents left the house, my mother became a stay-at-home mom and I became a fashionista.

    That’s when I started to realize that my mom wasn’t the one making all the decisions, I’d made a lot of them, and it was all my fault.

    The first thing I did was go to Target.

    I picked up a few things, bought some clothing, and started wearing it at home, so it was a little easier to see how my mom was making a difference.

    Then, I bought a new set of clothes from the thrift store I loved so much and started trying to make some of the clothes in my room look like the ones I’d grown up in, even though it was much easier to shop at Target.

    I bought a lot more clothes, and then I started buying clothes from thrift stores.

    And then, once I bought that first set of stuff, I would go back to Target and buy even more stuff.

    I’d buy whatever I could find, and that was all that was ever in my pockets.

    Then one day, I went to the thrifts again.

    I found a set of really nice, inexpensive clothes that I liked.

    I thought, Well, this is great.

    I’m going to try and make a good living on it.

    And it was really easy.

    I was making $200 a week at that time, so I figured that if I made $200 that would make a little bit of money.

    But I didn’t think about the fact that I’d have to buy my clothes from a thrift.

    So I got the clothes, picked them up, and put them on the rack in my closet.

    I figured, Well maybe I can make $1,000 a month.

    So when I got back home, I put the clothes on the shelf, and they were gone.

    The only things that were there were my mother’s old clothes.

    After my mom left, I did some research.

    I found out that I was not alone.

    It turns out that my father also owned thrift shops.

    So the whole thing came full circle.

    And my dad is a fashion designer and he’s really into making clothes for his own kids.

    My dad’s been around the block a few times and he likes to be able to give us a little taste of the stores that he used to be in.

    He always said, If I could do it again, I could have done it a lot better.

    So he’s kind of like my mentor, and we’re working on making sure that we don’t get stuck on any of the same mistakes we did as kids.


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