When you think about it, Kim Jong-un is a lot like you or me.

    He has his clothes, he has his hairstyles, and he wears his favorite pair of socks.

    And if he wants to impress someone, he’ll even go as far as to get them done himself.

    But there’s one difference: Kim Jong Un wears the exact same clothes he did in the 1980s and ’90s.

    He’s not getting any younger.

    Here are a few things you need to know to look like Kim Jong Nam.


    He does not wear jeans in public.

    Kim Jong Il wore pants during his time as leader, but he never did so during the current year.

    It’s been the same for Kim Jong Min since he took over in 2010.

    The only time Kim Jong Chol has worn pants is in a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans, when he was wearing them to show off his muscles and look like he’d just walked on the set of “The Great Wall of China.”

    So the pants aren’t really his signature look, but they are a way to show that he is a true man.


    He doesn’t wear a tie or tie-dye.

    The Kims don’t tie his hair back and don’t wear hair dye or tie dye in public, so he doesn’t need to.

    He simply wears his hair in a ponytail.


    He hasn’t had a haircut in years.

    He used to be a trim, well-groomed man, but now his hair is a tangled mess.

    In his youth, Kim was a master of grooming.

    He even had a beard.

    In contrast, the new Kim Jongun is not a groom and looks like he just shaved his head.


    He never wears makeup.

    For the past three decades, Kim has never worn makeup.

    The people around him do, though, and when he does get in touch with a makeup artist, he often comes back with a “makeup that makes me look like an old woman.”

    Kim Jong Tae doesn’t seem to mind this, either.

    He only wears a couple of eye shadows and a few lipsticks.


    He loves cats.

    Kim has been a cat lover since he was a child, and now he looks like a cat lady.

    He is also known to go on walks with his cat and to hold the cat’s paw and laugh at its antics.


    He wears his socks on his knees.

    He uses them to cover his toes when he is in public to hide the fact that he’s wearing them.


    He likes to drink.

    Kim likes to be surrounded by people and is not afraid to show his support for the people he loves.

    He usually drinks tea, coffee, or beer while he’s at the palace, and on the weekends he even goes to the movies.


    He says he prefers to wear clothes that are long and tight, but does not like to wear a shirt.

    When he goes to wear jeans, he always puts them on in his shorts and tucks them in the pocket.


    He always wears his hat on his head when he’s outside.

    His wife, Kim Yo Jong, also wears a hat on her head.

    Kim is known for wearing a hat, and it’s not just for personal use.

    It has been worn by other people, including his brother, Kim Sung Chol, who wore one on his face in the early days of his leadership.


    He rarely gets tattoos.

    He once had a large, round tattoo on his left cheek that said “I’m Kim Jong.

    The country’s leader.”

    But Kim Jong Jong Un doesn’t have any tattoos.

    Instead, he uses what he calls “special makeup,” which includes the name of his father, Kim Il-sung, and the phrase “the country’s chief of staff.”

    So even though he’s known for his tattoos, it’s probably not a reflection of who he really is. 11.

    He drinks tea and drinks beer every day.

    He was a regular drinker during his childhood and is still a regular beer drinker today.

    The drink has become a symbol of power and wealth in the North Korean government.

    It is not uncommon for Kim to order a beer at the presidential palace.


    He can’t wait to get married.

    Kim was married to Kim Jong Suk in 2005, and they had a daughter, Ri Sol Ju, in 2006.

    She was 5 when she was born, and she was the only one of their three children.

    Her father, the late Kim Jong Yol, died in 2014, but Kim Jong Jang was able to make his mark on the North with his leadership during the 1990s.

    The two are now in their 80s.


    He dresses like a “gorgeous young woman.”

    He does wear glasses, but the glasses are in his hands when he walks.

    He also wears makeup and sometimes wears an eye shadow to show he is “pretty


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