Girls dressed up like western fashion items to get western looks are a trend that’s gaining steam across the U.S. In fact, some schools in Arizona are offering classes on how to wear western clothing.

    The trend started when several girls dressed up as a cowboy in a Halloween costume at a middle school in Phoenix.

    “We just wanted to bring a little Western flair to the school and show our appreciation to the culture of our country,” school principal Michael J. Hirsch said.

    Now, there are more than 70 middle school girls in Arizona wearing western attire.

    The girls dress up as the Western cowboy or a stereotypical western woman in a suit, cowboy boots and hats.

    Hays Middle School principal Susan Hirsch says the girls wear western dresses because they want to get their Western culture to the students.

    HESCHIS SAYS: I think it’s just so much fun to dress up like this because I love it.

    It’s a lot of fun.

    She’s also been wearing western clothing to school since the school started.

    “It’s been a very positive thing for us,” Hirsch told ABC News.

    I think that’s a great thing to do. “

    I think we have an opportunity to bring back our culture, and that’s something that we should be proud of.

    The school is a very popular place for the girls to meet and talk about the school, and Hirsch is happy to see the girls getting involved. “

    If you’re not happy with your culture, then you’re missing out on a lot,” she added.

    The school is a very popular place for the girls to meet and talk about the school, and Hirsch is happy to see the girls getting involved.

    “One thing I think is interesting about it is it’s not just a social activity.

    It brings us together, and we’re learning a lot from each other,” Hays principal Hirsch added.

    “That’s a positive thing.”

    School officials are also seeing more interest from students.

    “When I first started, there were very few girls wearing Western clothes,” Hanes principal Sarah Hirsch explained.

    “But now, we have two.

    And it’s really a good thing.”

    The trend is growing across the nation.

    “This is a trend, and it’s been growing for years,” Henschis says.

    “The idea that a girl could be dressed like a cowboy and dressed up and dressed down, it’s something a lot more grownups want to see and want to be able to wear.”

    Hopefully we can all have more of that in our lives.”


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