You might think that a retailer like Amazon is a godsend when it comes to buying online, but there are a lot of shady and misleading sites that prey on women and women’s clothing.

    Here are some tips to make sure you don’t fall for the scams.


    Be sure you’re buying at the right price When shopping online, make sure that the website you’re trying to buy from actually offers you a good deal.

    A reputable site like eBay or Amazon can tell you exactly what you’re getting for your money, so if the seller says they’re offering 50% off, you know that the item is actually worth 50% more.

    If the seller doesn’t offer you a deal that’s close to what you would get on their site, check the price to make certain that it’s a good value.

    If it’s not, it’s probably not a good option for you.


    Look up the seller’s name If you want to know what the seller has in stock, just go to the seller, search the brand, and look up the price.

    If they don’t have it in stock yet, you can check the order status and see if it’s on hold or available for sale.


    Check the condition of the item If you’re going to buy an item online, be sure to look at the item’s condition first, which is often a sign of a good product.

    For instance, if a store sells a dress for $100, and the label says it has been washed once, but it has actually been in the washing machine a few times, it might be a good idea to check the condition first.

    If you don�t want to go through the hassle of asking for the seller to give you a quote, there are also sites like eBay and Amazon that allow you to rate and rate reviews, which helps buyers see if the item looks or feels good.


    If your order comes in and you’re not sure, ask to speak with a sales associate If you need help deciding on an item for you, there’s a simple way to get your order started.

    Just ask to be asked to speak to a sales rep.

    The reps will tell you how to shop online, which can help you find the best deal on clothing.


    Use your credit card and pay in cash When you pay with your credit cards, make a note on your credit report that you’re using a card with a low balance.

    If this is the case, you should be able to find a lower balance online and get your card approved quickly.

    Pay with cash if you can afford it, and don’t bother checking your bank statement to see if you have any outstanding charges.


    Don’t forget your size guide and sizing charts If you have a specific size, like a 36B or 32E, you’ll need to ask the seller if they can change your size, which you can do by changing your size chart.

    But if you only want to order one size, then the best option is to get a size chart and compare it with the seller�s size chart, which will let you know if you need to get the size changed.


    Pay your bill in cash If you pay your bills with cash, make certain to have your credit or debit card ready to pay it in at any time.

    This is because credit cards have a limited lifetime limit on their use.

    If there’s any interest left on your card, you might not be able pay it at all, which could lead to your credit and debit card getting charged off the balance and preventing you from making your next purchase.


    Check your credit history and your credit score If you’ve had any outstanding credit card charges, there�s a good chance that you have some credit card debt that you can get paid off, too.

    Pay off all of your credit before applying for a credit card, and if you’re considering buying a new credit card online, it�s best to make an appointment with a credit counselor to see how much you can pay off before you start applying.


    Keep your credit balance up-to-date If you�re currently in debt, it can be tempting to apply for a loan to help pay off the amount of debt you have.

    But, in the long run, you may be better off paying off the debt that has already been incurred.

    For example, if you�ve accumulated a lot in credit card bills, and you don �t have any cash on hand, you could use your savings to pay off your debts in full.


    Make sure you check out the site for products you want before you buy If you already have an Amazon wish list, there should be a listing for a product you want.

    If not, ask if the website is offering a similar product at a lower price or is selling it for a cheaper price.

    Keep checking out the product until you’re sure you�ll


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