Fashion designer and model Renée Reda is the first woman to hold the title of the “most influential” woman in fashion, according to TIME’s latest poll.

    “Her legacy as a fashion icon continues to live on, influencing generations of designers and designers’ children, and it is time to honor this iconic figure,” TIME editors wrote.

    “Renée Redas iconic style and sensibility has been recognized across the globe and her influence in the fashion industry will live on long after she has passed.”

    The magazine’s list of the top 100 influential women in fashion will be released May 1.

    In the last year, Reda’s fashion empire has earned a reputation as one of the most sophisticated and sophisticated in the world, and she has been credited with creating a new type of women’s style.

    The fashion designer and fashion designer has been dubbed a “woman with the voice of a prophet” by The New York Times and said by the Los Angeles Times in 2011: “I have always believed that fashion should be the bridge between the modern world and the past, and that fashion is the language that unites us.”

    In a video posted in 2013, Redo described her fashion style as “the language of the future,” and in 2014 she wrote: “My philosophy is that all women should be fashion designers.”

    It’s like a massage. “

    It can make a person’s life better.

    It’s like a massage.

    You know what I mean?

    “I’m a woman with the spirit of a child. “

    I’m a man with the heart of a man. “

    I’m a woman with the spirit of a child.

    And they’re like, ‘Because you have this special quality, and you know what? “

    So, when I go to my children and say, ‘Why do you look so different from everybody else?’

    And they’re like, ‘Because you have this special quality, and you know what?

    It is what it is.”


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