Google has been rolling out the Android Wear watch, and today is the first time we can get a look at the smartwatch running Android Wear. 

    The Google-made Wear device is a wearable computer that runs Android Wear OS, but is powered by the Android operating system. 

    While the Android wearable is not a device like a phone or tablet, the Wear device can connect to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth and display a Google Maps-like map of the world. 

    Google says the watch will also support Google Assistant.

    Google is using the Google Glasses hardware to power the Wear app, and the watch faces can display notifications from Google apps, and Google Maps updates.

    Google Glasses and Wear smartwatches have both been in development for quite some time, and while the Google devices have a lot of similarity, the smartwears have a much more streamlined design. 

    For example, both smartwands will look a lot like a pair of eyeglasses. 

    Wear smartwares will feature an AMOLED display that can display images and information that is similar to Google Glass glasses.

    The Android Wear device will also be able to run an app that will let users view and interact with the world around them. 

    Like Google Glass, the Google Wear watch will come with a large, glass display that has a touchscreen.

    The screen is also made of glass, which is similar in size to the glass used in the Google Pixel smartphone. 

    We’ve also seen that Google is trying to create a watch that is “smart” and “personal.” 

    Google is creating a new “wearable” operating system for wearables that will be powered by Android Wear, and users will be able control what they wear by tapping on the display on the device. 

    There are several other Android Wear features like a notification panel, voice recognition, and a Google Play Store, but the new watch has the biggest one. 

    It has a built-in speaker, a microphone, and two USB ports for charging. 

    In the future, Google will add support for more smartwires to the device, allowing for wireless charging.

    Google will also add support to the watch for third-party smartwalls, such as Samsung’s Gear Fit.

    Google has also announced that the Google Play store will be a part of the smart watch.

    Google Play will be integrated with Android Wear so that users can find and download apps from Google Play, and will also allow users to download apps on other Android devices. 

    This is a big deal for smartwear, as smartwides are one of the most popular wearables in the world, with over 3 billion devices installed on smartphones. 

    Android Wear is coming to the Apple Watch later this year. 

    What do you think of the Google Watch?

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