This article first appeared on National Geographic Travel.

    The National Geographic Society is proud to partner with the Smithsonian Institute to help children discover their place in the world and find a place where they belong.

    In partnership with Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic has partnered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services to share a selection of children’s clothing for free.

    The clothing is intended to serve as a visual guide for the growing number of children ages 6 and up who are experiencing challenges at home and at school.

    The shirts, pants, and sweaters are available at any National Geographic Store or online at

    Each shirt, pants and sweater has a unique pattern and the design is made to fit a child’s body and form.

    In addition to being a fun way to learn about clothes and to help kids connect with their parents, the shirts are a great way to get kids involved in their local community.

    The collection is available in sizes from 4-6 and includes clothing for all ages.

    The selection of clothing will be available through the National Geographic store and the Smithsonian Institution’s online store starting on April 17.


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