A woman has been arrested in China after allegedly attempting to steal millions of dollars from a bank and stealing from a private company.

    The woman allegedly made up her story to a police officer in Nanjing, a city in southwest China’s Liaoning province, on Saturday, saying she was “doing her best” to protect her assets.

    A court in Nanzhou found her guilty on Sunday of making a false statement and theft, and sentenced her to two years in prison.

    The arrest came after a week-long investigation by police in Nanjiazhuang, a provincial city in Liaoning.

    The case began on Friday, when the woman called the police and told them she was stealing money from a company in Nanjiang and that she wanted to make it public.

    She then claimed that the company had issued her a new debit card and that they had already sent it to the bank to be processed.

    Police then received a call from a woman who had a different story, telling them that she had stolen a $10 million Chinese bank account.

    She allegedly told the police that she was going to pay for her new card with the money from the stolen bank account, which was in her name.

    Police took her to the Nanjing police station and arrested her.

    The case has been transferred to another jurisdiction, Xinhua news agency reported.


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