Jordan is the second largest retailer of maternity clothing in the world, behind only British retailer L’Oreal, and its maternity clothing line is already the largest in the industry. 

    It has also been a strong seller of maternity apparel in the past. 

    In 2014, Jordan became the first major brand to sign a new contract with L’Oréal, allowing it to sell products in the country and its territories, including the Middle East and Africa. 

    The deal included a $150 million investment in Jordan’s new maternity clothing business, which is now headed up by Jordan’s first female chief operating officer, Anouk Alon. 

    This year, Jordan has also invested in two other maternity companies, both of which have been profitable. 

    For women’s clothing, Jordan is known for its maternity wear, with its most famous brand, the Le Tigre, being famous for its baby blue baby jumpsuits, as well as its classic women’s skirts, which are popular among women from different ethnic backgrounds. 

    But it has also made a splash with its clothing for mothers. 

    One of its biggest successes has been the Jamaa Lungari, a line of maternity and newborn clothing, which Jordan bought in 2014 and sold to L’Argentina for $300 million. 

    Other Jordan brands, such as Mamma, have also enjoyed success in the maternity space, but Jordan has been known to pull out of some big brands as it moves into the maternity market, and the new brand L’Orée has a small presence in the US. 

    These two companies, along with the new women’s line, will make up the biggest component of Jordan’s $15 billion maternity clothing market. 

    A new baby blue and baby black line of women’s maternity clothing has also started up in 2017. 

    Largest online retailer, fashion retailer, and fashion website, L’Occitane, has also taken a major role in Jordan in recent years. 

    However, with the New York Times recently declaring that women should be allowed to drive while pregnant, and with a number of studies showing that women can have an impact on the lives of their children, Jordan will have to compete with the likes of Amazon and even the likes on the other side of the world. 

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