Hacker News user ryanwoo posted a video showing the search results for newborn clothes for the first time on January 10, 2017. 

    The results are pretty clear: baby clothes are available at many stores.

    The video was originally posted to Hacker News by ryan. 

    In the video, the user says the clothes were bought in Canada and he has a couple of items that he’s been wanting to try. 

    “I bought a couple different styles, and when I saw these babies, I was like, ‘wow, I really like this look.

    Can I just order them here?'” he says. 

    However, the items were not available for sale online, so the user used a store’s website to order the clothing online. 

    He says that he was initially skeptical of the website, but was impressed with how the site handled his request. 

    Once he signed in with his account, the store automatically created a shipping label for him.

    “So, I can buy it and then ship it to me,” he says in the video. 

    For now, the retailer has not responded to the user’s request for comment. 

    Read more at https://www.hackernews.com/item/177748-baby-dresses-in-babies-wedding-shirts-newborn-dolls-trending-fashion/article/detail/babies/products/baby-dress-inbabies


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