By TERRY CLARKE and CHRISTOPHER HANNAHANETTO-STEWART Posted February 07, 2018 04:04:58The world’s first cat nap is a move to reduce the number of litter bins littering the streets of Melbourne’s CBD.

    The scheme is being piloted by the Victorian Government’s cat and dog rescue team Catnap.

    The Catnaps will be set up in the city’s inner suburbs, with the aim of reducing litter in the area.

    The plan is being trialled in the CBD and the surrounding area.

    Catnaps are now a regular occurrence in the region.

    The city has had several catnaps in recent years, with one last year costing the city $2,000 to clean.

    But Dr Andrew Jones from Catnapping Victoria said the current system was not working and there were too many people involved.

    “There are some people that are using the cat nap, they’re not taking the time to do the right thing and it’s not good for the cats, it’s bad for the people that work with them, it has to be done,” Dr Jones said.

    “If you’re going to use a nap you have to make sure you are properly trained and you have the right equipment.”

    Dr Jones said the Catsnaps were a step in the right direction but more needed to be found to help the cats.

    “It’s very important to us that we’re helping the cats because they are a very valuable asset for our community and that’s why we are trying to do something to reduce their litter,” he said.

    Dr Jones and his team will be using a specially trained cat to take part in the Catnappings, as well as a specially adapted kennel.

    The Catsnap team will also be looking to get cats from other cat rescue organisations, such as, which catnapped and adopted more than 30,000 cats last year.

    Mr Clark, who is the owner of the business Catapet, said the catnapping business was the best way to get animals into the city.

    “When we first started, we were just going out and buying cats from people and we were going out every two weeks or whatever,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

    “We’re doing about $100 a week for the city, and if we’re doing well that will help us to get more cats and hopefully we’ll get more of them back in the community.”

    The Catsnatchers are being assisted by Catapettes, a volunteer-run cat rescue organisation that has assisted the catcatchers since the early 1990s.

    Dr Williams said it was an important step to encourage people to take a cat nap.

    “I think the cats are really happy to be in a place where they can come and sleep with their families, and that cat nap was very successful for us,” he explained.

    “Now we’re seeing cats who have been adopted from other groups do it and then we’ve got people who have gone through a kennelling process and they’re doing it and it really helps the community and we’re hoping that that will continue.”



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