Herencias makeup is one of her signature pieces, a bold collection of eye shadows and eyeliner with a strong feminine touch.

    The designer also has a range of hair accessories, including a high-heeled headband, a pair of high-waisted mens’ jeans and a pair on her head, which she wears with a bow tie.

    She has also created a collection of lipsticks and a range eye shadow eyeshadow palette.

    A look at Herencian beauty: Herencialised article It’s the designer’s take on the classic high-fashion look, and although she is known for her daring style, Sherencia is no stranger to fashion.

    After graduating from London Fashion School, Shendi joined the Heirlooms label, which produces high-end jewellery and accessories.

    Her signature pieces include a highlighter, eye shadow and lipstick, and she has also produced the eye shadow eyeliner Eye in a Day and a lipstick shade Eye in the Morning, which is a pink and orange shade.

    Herencia wears the highlighters in black and a pink shade.

    She also has some new eye-catching creations in her portfolio.

    Here are some of the more notable products Shendy has created for the past few years:  A black, eye-shadow lip stain, with a white centre.

    “It’s so dark and smoky, and it’s just a lovely colour,” Shendic told ABC News.

    Eye in a Night, a pink-orange shade.

    The colour is meant to be used on the lips as a natural lip stain.

    Eyes in the Moon, a red-orange colour with a gold glitter.

    Eyeliner Eye on the Day, a matte pink colour.

    There are also a number of eye-glasses in her collection, including the eye-hologram eyeliner in a yellow shade, which can be used to create a hologram effect.

    One of the most eye-grabbing accessories Shendica has designed is the gold eye shadow lipstick in a pink.

    It’s a lip balm with a pinky pink colour and a matte finish, with an airbrushed metallic sheen.

    Hair accessories in gold and a metallic blue.

     She also created some eye shadow accessories, such as an eyeliner shade in a matte red shade and a lip gloss in a blue colour.

    Her eye makeup collection has been featured in publications like the New York Times, People and Cosmopolitan.

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