Clothing can be a tricky subject.

    I’ve learned this the hard way, and I’ve been wearing my daughter’s clothing every day of the week since I first bought her.

    And for some, this is a little uncomfortable.

    Teddie, 6, of Littleton, Colorado, wears a baby blue dress shirt with a blue-and-yellow flower pattern on the chest.

    I wear my daughter a lot of clothing because I feel like I can’t let her wear whatever she wants, even if it’s something she really enjoys.

    We have to decide how much we’re comfortable with her wearing something, she said.

    It’s the same for me.

    I like to dress her up in outfits that she can really love.

    So it’s hard to get her to wear something that doesn’t really appeal to her.

    When I wear a dress shirt, I don’t feel like she’s wearing anything that is very feminine.

    It’s like she hasn’t really learned how to wear a skirt or a blouse, she’s just wearing the dress shirt.

    So I’m more worried about how she feels about the dress.

    You know, if I’m wearing a dress that’s really sexy, then she’s going to love it, I think, and she’ll like it more, but I think I need to put some things in her wardrobe that will make her feel more comfortable with wearing it, she explained.

    So we start by getting some colors, or patterns.

    I really like the blue-white-red-green color scheme for baby clothes, she added.

    We also use blue-gray-white for baby pants and white-blue-black for baby skirts and tights.

    And then we add floral prints.

    For her teddy bear outfit, I’ve added blue-green-red floral print teddy bears.

    But we don’t do anything that’s too formal or too casual.

    For the dress, I wear it for her to dress up and for her clothes to show off.

    I wear them for fun, too, and just wear the pattern to make her wear them.

    For her birthday, we got her a dress, and we have to get it ready for her.

    We put the pattern on it, and then we have the fabric.

    We just add some pattern to it.

    I do this for her as well, so she knows what she’s getting when it comes to her dress.

    I think it’s so important that she knows exactly what it is she’s buying.

    I can always tell what it’s going through and what’s inside the fabric because I have it all ready for me, she laughed.

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