A new anime-focused clothing and merchandising platform that lets you shop for clothing from anime and manga characters will launch in the U.S. in early December.

    The site, Obey, was created by Japanese animation company Otaku USA and features a simple checkout system that can be customized with anime-inspired images and text.

    The service has two major selling points: it’s completely free, and the merchandise it sells is all-encompassing.

    The site’s founders are Japanese manga artist and anime critic Jun Fukuda, and their motto is simple: “You should buy anime.”

    That’s not just because of the quality of the anime themselves, but also because the company has been focusing on merchandizing for years.

    The company’s main product is an online shop that sells items like shirts, hats, bags, and other anime-themed merchandise, and it’s even offering limited-edition items for the holidays.

    (The site has more than 1,200 items.)

    For a long time, OtakuUSA has been the go-to source for anime merchandises.

    It was the one company that was able to make Japanese anime-centric merchandise that would appeal to the American public.

    The Anime Expo in Anaheim was one of the first anime conventions to be held in the United States, and even in the past, it was the first place Japanese anime fans would find anime-specific merchandise.

    In the past year, anime merchinaries have taken off in Europe and the U, with some notable releases in France, Germany, and Italy.

    Obey has more to offer in terms of anime merchandise than any of those other companies, and in fact, it’s one of a few companies that can offer a full line of apparel and accessories for both men and women.

    In fact, its clothing line is one of just a handful that is entirely focused on anime.

    While the site isn’t offering specific anime-exclusive merchandise yet, the apparel that they’re selling will feature some of the biggest anime characters of all time.

    Like, say, the main characters of Naruto and the Dragon Ball series.

    The apparel is available in sizes ranging from a size 5XL to a size 11XL, and they’ll be available in all different colors and styles. 

    As an added bonus, the clothing can be personalized and customizable for each individual customer, with more options being added as the year goes on.

    That said, it might be a little hard to get your head around what a “character” is if you’re new to the anime world. 

    According to the company, Obay offers merchandise for over 1,000 different anime characters, with over 100 anime series and anime merchandise for each of those characters.

    There are plenty of anime characters that you can shop for at home, but Obey offers merchandise from both American and international anime series, as well as manga characters from around the world.

    This means you can find anime and merch in the most iconic anime characters and brands, and you can get a good sense of the difference between what is anime and what is not.

    That’s a big deal for anime fans, as it means you’re getting merchandise that has a big impact on their lives.

    Obay’s merchandise is also designed with an emphasis on being affordable.

    It costs $1 to order a shirt, $5 to order another item, and $10 to buy a belt, a backpack, or even a pair of headphones.

    The shirts and jackets they’re currently offering are priced at $10, while the accessories are priced between $20 and $60.

    It’s worth noting that if you want something that’s a little more expensive, you can purchase them through the company’s website.

    As the name implies, the company will be selling clothing from the characters in anime and their respective manga and anime-related media. 

    The company is looking to make the clothing more affordable by offering more items for different price points.

    For example, one of their new clothing items, the shirt, has a design that includes a red background and a text “NO FASHION!” above it.

    While you could buy the shirt for $20 on their website, you could also buy it for $8 on their app store for $9.

    If you want to go the extra mile and order the shirt in different colors or sizes, you’ll need to purchase the shirt separately. 

    There are also limited-run items, such as the hoodie, jacket, and belt that the company is currently offering.

    The hoodie will have a design similar to that of the shirt that will say “NO SOCKS!” in bold letters.

    The jacket will have an image of the main character Naruto wearing a hoodie with text that says “Naruto no Shirt.”

    And finally, the belt is currently only available through a limited run of one-off items. 

    All of the items that the Obey team is selling are made of polyester that will


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