Japan’s largest clothing retailer, Rainbow, has launched a new online clothing brand, which it says will offer a “fresh take on Japanese fashion”.

    The company said the brand will be launching in the next few months, with more clothing coming online.

    It’s not the first time the brand has launched an online shop.

    The brand launched a clothing store in 2012 and a new website in 2015.

    Rainbow, which has been around since 1999, was one of the first Japanese clothing brands to make its way to the US, where it has since expanded to the rest of Asia.

    In the UK, the company’s clothing line has been on sale for years, and the company has a store in Manchester.

    It’s not clear whether the new site will include clothing for Japanese girls.

    The company’s first Japanese online store was closed in February, but it has been working on a new one since then.

    “The goal is to build a new world where Japanese fashion and style are not just for men,” Rainbow CEO Toshimitsu Yonezawa said in a statement.

    “This new site is designed to bring this world to life.”

    The new site, Rainbow.com, has the following page: Rainbow’s vision is to become a world-class brand, to offer a fresh take on the Japanese fashion industry, and to bring our customers the best quality products and services in the industry.

    “According to the company, Rainbow’s new clothing line will be “deliciously stylish and comfortable.

    “The website will feature “exclusive designs from Rainbow’s talented designers,” and the brand plans to “offer our customers a great deal on their purchase.

    “Yonezawas statement comes after a rash of suicides in Japan and other countries across Asia over the past two years.

    An increasing number of people have taken their own lives in recent years.


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