Ars Technic’s Jason Blum explains what you need to do to dress as autumn this year, and what to expect when it finally starts to rain.1.

    Head outdoors in fall—it’s always chilly, so get ready to wear gloves and a hat.

    This is probably the most important piece of clothing you need for the cold weather.2.

    Make sure your clothing fits snugly into your head—there’s no need to wrap a towel around your head.


    Put on some winter socks and wear a hat—they’ll keep you warm when the wind picks up.4.

    Use your imagination and get creative with the colors.

    A classic fall outfit is called a “mauve scarf,” and it looks great when paired with a wool sweater.

    If you have a sweater and a wool scarf, try something a little more seasonal.5.

    Get comfortable in your shoes.

    If the weather is getting too cold, you can wear a pair of socks with a pair for warmth.6.

    Wear some long underwear.

    If your legs are sore from wearing a long skirt, you might want to add some pants to your outfit.7.

    Put your hair up to keep you cool.

    If it gets too cold out, you may want to make some short hair accessories.8.

    Keep your eyes on the ground and your hands at your side.

    The sky is your friend and you’ll want to keep your hands free.9.

    Keep an eye on the weather.

    If there is any chance of getting too hot or too cold outdoors, you should go outside and get a drink of water.10.

    Use sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the cold.

    But if you want to wear sunscreen, be sure to get it from a reputable source, like a sunscreen store.11.

    Wear a hat if you have one.

    If weather is going to keep the heat on, you’ll need a hat that is easy to wear and comfortable.12.

    Get a hat with a brim.

    If a hat has a brim, it will prevent the sun from shining through the hat.

    If that is not an option, try a hat in a different color.13.

    Wash your hands.

    The more your hands get dirty, the colder it will get, and you may need to use a hand sanitizer.14.

    Wear comfortable shoes and gloves—they will keep you from getting cold.15.

    Use a hat when you want it to look like autumn.

    If winter is coming, you’re probably going to need a little something to get the look right.16.

    Wear gloves and sunglasses.

    These are also helpful when the temperature is going down.17.

    Make your own hat out of a hat, a wool hat, or a wool jacket.

    The hat should have a hole at the bottom that you can put your finger through to hold it in place.18.

    Keep warm.

    This will be the time when you will be wearing your winter clothes.

    If all else fails, wear a jacket.19.

    Stay in the shade.

    If autumn is coming to a close, you will want to stay in your house until the sun goes down.

    If possible, you are going to want to hang out in a small area, so be sure you can get a good spot to set up.20.

    Dress up as your favorite autumn character—your favorite autumn friend.

    If they are a little scary or are in the movie, dress them up as someone you like.

    If not, dress up as a character from the books and other stories you love.21.

    Dress your favorite fall character in a costume that suits them.

    For example, a cape and a scarf will look very appropriate for a guy in a long coat and a sweater.22.

    Wear your favorite winter clothes and accessories—they are essential to a cool fall outfit.23.

    Keep track of your rainfall, even if you are not sure when it will come.

    If rain is forecast for your location, plan accordingly.24.

    Wear sunscreen when you can.

    It will keep your eyes and hands safe from the elements.25.

    Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.

    If any of this sounds like a lot of steps to take, you could do it by going outside and looking for snow and ice.26.

    Plan for rain.

    If fall weather is approaching, you need all the help you can getting ready for the season.

    If this sounds complicated, it may be time to take a step back and ask yourself if the extra steps are worth it.


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