A clothes store in central Florida has been robbed and its merchandise was stolen.

    Clothing store manager James Molloy said the robbery happened in the early hours of Monday morning at his store at the corner of Interstate 95 and South Florida Avenue in Fort Myers.

    He said the thief broke in through a window and used a crowbar to get into the back of the store.

    The thief then took the money and other merchandise from the register.

    Molloy estimated the theft to be worth about $50,000.

    Molly said he had about 30 employees working at the store, but was working overtime Monday morning.

    He is working with local police to locate the thieves.

    He said the suspect is believed to be a Hispanic male, between the ages of 20 and 30.

    Molls shop was targeted because the store has been the target of similar thefts in the past.

    He was also robbed of his laptop, cellphone and some personal items in January and April.

    Mall security cameras caught surveillance video of the suspects on Monday morning, which was posted to Facebook.

    Molloys owner told the newspaper the suspect left in a black car, which investigators have not yet confirmed.


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