The Ikea store in Seattle is one of the city’s most iconic icons, a symbol of Seattle’s burgeoning downtown.

    But with so much going on at the store, many locals have been curious about what is going on behind the counter.

    So we decided to ask the people who live there what it is like to shop there.

    We found out that the store has a very different story than you might expect.

    Here’s a look at what you need know about the Ikea clothes store in the Seattle area.

    We also learned that the people at the front of the store know their stuff, too.

    Here are some of the highlights of our conversation with the people behind the counters:Aimee Jones: Hi.

    I’m Aimee, a staff writer for Seattle Public Radio.

    I was working at the shop when I started interviewing people.

    I was working for the company, so I was doing a series called “What’s It Like To Be an Interviewee.”

    One of the things that I did with the staff is ask a lot of questions.

    I wanted to get to know them better, so we had a little more access to the store.

    The questions were a lot more nuanced than what I was used to hearing.

    One of the questions was, “So, I saw a dress in your catalogue and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is really amazing.’

    And then I saw it in a store in New York and I said, ‘Wow, this dress is really great.’

    And that was pretty cool, and I got the story from that.

    So, you know, I think that’s the thing that you learn a lot from doing interviews.

    You’re like, ‘Is this what you think this is?’ and then you get to actually experience it and see what it’s like to have it.

    And then the other thing that we were interested in was, we talked to a lot about the store’s legacy, the way it was built, and all the things it does.

    So we were able to go in there and talk about the way that they were built and the history of the space and how it was put together.

    And the things they do now, and what we see in the store today.

    And one of them was, you can see, they’re building a lot.

    And they’re not really trying to build a dress to fit a particular look.

    They just kind of have this big thing and a dress for everyone.

    I think they’re just trying to make a dress that people like to wear and that is unique to them.

    So the story they tell is about who they are, what they believe in, what makes them happy, what inspires them, and how they feel about life.

    They do a lot to connect people with that history.

    You can see in their catalogs that they’ve made a lot out of people coming to the shop and sharing their stories.

    They’re really excited about people going to the same store as them.

    And it’s a really, really unique place.

    They really do believe in their store, and they really do want to connect with people.

    And I think it’s really important for a place like that to have this connection, and to really, honestly be authentic and authentic about their history.

    Karen Tippett: When we talked with the employees about the story behind the clothes, it was very interesting to see how they relate to the customer.

    And also, they have to remember that they are really just a part of the story.

    And so, they really want to do their best to understand what makes people happy, so they can help people understand what that is.

    I saw this in the way they were able, for example, to make an order and have the customer tell them, ‘You are the best person that I could have gotten this dress for.’

    And so I think, for that, I just think, really, for the story that they’re telling, it really helps.

    And that really, it’s all about who you are, and you have to do your best to get through your day to get the best outcome for people.

    And the staff also have to take pride in their job, because they know that they have done something really special for this store, that they helped create a little bit of history, that people remember.

    And I really, very strongly believe that that’s important.

    And we have to have a good conversation about what makes this place special, and then really, I really want people to have fun in their lives, and enjoy their shopping, and make the most of it.

    The people who work at the clothes counter are very passionate about what they do, and very excited to help make it a place that people are able to live their lives.

    So that’s something that they really, deeply care about, and that’s why they do it.

    And it’s something they’re excited about, as well.


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